David Dale Avenue entrance to Lainshaw Woods.  Photo by Cara Smillie
The main entrance to Lainshaw Woods in David Dale Avenue, Stewarton. Photo by Cara Smillie

Woodland Management

Sunday 10th and Sunday 24th are the official dates for our scheduled morning work sessions in December 2023. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved. Recent work sessions have focused on tree planting, and maintenance of planting sites.


    SWAT 2024 calendars (20th Anniversary edition) are now available from the Book Nook, 6B High Street, Stewarton, priced £6.00. You can also order them on SWAT’s Facebook page to be delivered to your door (local delivery within the Stewarton area only). Special thanks to our calendar sponsors.

    Thanks to everyone who purchased calendars and other items from the SWAT stall at Stewarton’s Yuletide Night Event.


    SWAT’s Christmas Dinner for volunteers will be held in Stewarton on the evening of Wednesday, 13th December 2023.

    This year’s Torchlit Procession through Stewarton will be coordinated, as usual, by the Bonnet Guild and will end in Lainshaw Woods. It will take place on Friday 29th December 2023. Led by Kilbarchan Pipe Band, the parade will leave prompt at 7 p.m. from Torrance’s Garage on High Street and then head through Main Street, and Lainshaw Street, entering David Dale Avenue into Lainshaw Woods. Once in the open area of the woods a bonfire will be lit, followed by a professional firework display.

    SWAT volunteers planting native trees at the Rose Reilly Sports Centre, assisted by Rose herself
    SWAT volunteers removing rubbish from a stretch of Annick Water
    SWAT volunteers carrying out drainage works near the southern edge of Lainshaw Woods


    Stewarton Woodlands Action Trust is a voluntary environmental group, formed in 2004, that is made up of people from in and around Stewarton in East Ayrshire, Scotland.

    Our Aims

    The charity’s purposes are:

    1. To conserve, regenerate and promote the restoration of predominantly native woodlands in the geographical area of Stewarton as an important part of Scotland’s native environment for the benefit of the public.
    2. To advance education for the public benefit concerning the natural environment of the area of Stewarton.

    Restoration of Native Woodlands

    • Planting of appropriate trees, flowering plants and other vegetation to help maintain and improve biodiversity
    • Helping to manage non-native, invasive plant species (NNIS) and prevent their spread, including Giant Hogweed, Rhododendron Ponticum and Japanese Knotweed


    • Promoting awareness of the natural environment in and around Stewarton through the maintenance of a Nature Walk in Lainshaw Woods, publication of relevant information online, and delivery of presentations to local groups and organisations.

    If you are local to the Stewarton area and want to get involved, or learn more about our activities, please contact us.